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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wade Brown for Congress - 2014!

Thanks for visiting my 2012 blog!  Though the information from my 2012 campaign for Congress remains relevant today, if you want to see what I'm up to for 2014, go here:

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thank You!

First:  A deep and heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped in this campaign.  Many gave of their time or treasure or both, and we experienced safe travel and grace under the covering of many prayers.  At our gathering this evening, I called many of you by name, even in your absence, and thanked you publicly for your invaluable help.

Second:  Congratulations to Mike Conaway and Chris Younts for their first and second place finishes, and to Mr. Conaway an additional word:  We are watching you, sir!  We expect you to hold the line and we will hold you accountable if you do not.  Please, therefore, with our blessing and many prayers on your behalf, be strong and Represent us well.

Finally:  I am very well pleased with the outcome!  For those of you who poured yourselves into the campaign, be encouraged, because we positively earned 7,544 votes, and each one is of considerable worth.

Think of the obstacles we faced in this campaign:

1.  I had been away from Texas for more than a decade, serving in the Marine Corps. When I arrived home last July, I did not know a single person who was involved in politics (beyond voting) - not one.

2.  Besides family and a few local friends (most of my old Texas friends live elsewhere in the state), we had zero name recognition.

3.  We had zero full-time staff, zero paid staff, all volunteers throughout the entire campaign.

4.  We were outspent by the incumbent by over 100-to-1, yet had more than 1/7th of his votes.  We were outspent by the second place winner by about 7-to-1, yet had well over 1/2 of his votes.

Our significant returns, despite limited campaign funds and a lack of initial name recognition, became evidence of a knowledge that has been growing in my bones:  We are as a society not satisfied with money-based politics; we are rejecting the old ways of earmarks and special interests and soft corruption.  We want a true Representative whose loyalty runs to the Constitution, and to the people of his District, and to his own core convictions.  Indeed, we demand that our entire House of Representatives be so.  In this we proved our conservatism:  the discipline and strength to do more with less, and to win votes from every corner of the District.

In sum, we not only planted seed in this campaign, we put down roots.

I hope that each of you has grown deeper and stronger as a result of being involved; I know that I have.

This belief remains:  That a time is now at hand when we must intentionally self-govern, and make the hard choices that have been put off for a generation or more.  The viability of our economy, the financial freedom of our children, and the integrity of our national standing are all at stake.  Now is the time to "put on the full armor" and press even harder in the fight for our country, to defend our freedoms, and protect our Constitution.  "Let us run to the battle!"

May the Lord guide and keep us all as we so endeavor.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tough, Clear, Singular

Last week I sat down with the San Angelo Standard Times editorial board.  It was a very pleasant and wide-ranging discussion, and I was able to articulate what I have come to believe may very well be the only solution to our current debt crisis.